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Partner with a Leader in Youth Sports Programs!

Since 1979, over one million children in 23 states have participated in a Skyhawks camp! Skyhawks is the nation’s leader in sports programs for children. Skyhawks is a brand with national exposure and appeal – and offers you a dependable and rewarding business to own. Through the Skyhawks system, you will teach children and young adults meaningful life lessons through sports. Over thirty years of experience have helped build a menu of successful summer camps and year-round programs in sports such as baseball, basketball, soccer, flag football, cheerleading, volleyball, lacrosse, golf, tennis and track & field.

Skyhawks has developed a system to sell its services, market its programs, and hire and train employees to implement those programs. The Skyhawks program is Skyhawks mentor with boy at batfounded upon a coaching philosophy and methodology that have evolved and been fine-tuned for over 30 years. The Skyhawks program also includes marketing strategies and the technology to manage events, marketing and staff. Franchisees will have exclusive territories in which to operate athletic camps and programs in a variety of sports for local sports, recreation departments and other community-based organizations - wherever children are found. Ultimately, you will make a difference in the lives of thousands of children.

As a Skyhawks franchisee, you will focus on promoting Skyhawks programs and selling Skyhawks services. Your task is to use your sales and marketing skills, your enthusiasm for athletics and your vision of healthy youth to develop one of the most popular sports programs in the country. You will concentrate on selling your services to community-based organizations that serve children. Once organizations have selected you and your program, you will create a marketing plan to promote Skyhawks programs. Next you will recruit, hire and train staff to implement the programs. Skyhawks franchisees will build strong relationships with school and community decision makers, becoming highly valued partners in youth athletics.

Although a majority of Skyhawks programs are offered in the summer, the franchisee will have the ability to program athletic events Skyhawks female volleyball playerthroughout the year. After-school, weekend and holiday programs are available to the ambitious franchisee. No matter the season, the core purpose of the franchise is to teach life skills through athletics.

Details of the opportunity:

Exclusive territory. Approximately 30 elementary schools and 100,000 population. Franchise fee - $16,950.

We offer complete and ongoing training and support, including:

  • Skyhawks training: we will conduct two days of off-site training where you will learn everything there is to know about Skyhawks and how to run a camp.
  • Sales training: we will spend one day in your territory conducting sales meetings and teaching you how to sell.
  • Technology support: we will spend one day with you remotely to teach you our software system and to show you its capabilities. All franchisees will utilize a web-based software system to help manage their online registrations, credit card processing, programs, marketing, staff recruiting, hiring, scheduling, billing, risk management and more!
  • Call center support: capable of handling incoming and outgoing calls with customers and coordinators.Skyhawks 2 kids playing football
  • Human resource and risk management department: to provide you with the tools to recruit, train and employ part-time coaches. Franchisees are responsible for hiring and supervising their employees.
  • An accounting department: to assist you with invoicing for your services.
  • A marketing department: to assist you in creating and implementing your marketing strategy.
  • An account manager: to help with day-to-day questions.
  • Skyhawks conferences: you will be invited to attend national and regional meetings.
  • Manuals and programming resources: you will have access to our sports manuals as well as our online training and content library.

Skyhawks – FAQs

Do I need prior industry experience? No, you do not need sports camp industry experience. We look for franchisees who have strong business management skills, a positive attitude and work ethic, and a commitment to providing great customer service.

How much is the initial franchise fee and what is it for? The initial franchise fee is $16,950. This fee funds our pre-opening support of your operation and your initial training.

How much is the initial investment? The estimated initial investment required ranges from $27,500 to $42,600 for a franchise. As with any new business venture, it is important that you have adequate working capital.

How big are the territories and are they exclusive? Skyhawks territories are exclusive. The size of a territory is based on the number of elementary schools in your Skyhawks football players on a bencharea which could equate to approximately 30 schools and 100,000 population. We will work with you to create and define each territory.

Are there any advertising fees? You will be required to spend 3% of gross revenue on local marketing efforts.

How will I promote my camps? We will have a marketing team that will help you get your camps off the ground and running. Besides grassroots marketing that we will do in your specific area, you will enjoy the efforts made by our corporate marketing team including a top-of-the-industry website, e-mail blasts, search engine optimization, Google ads and keywords, a monthly newsletter and prominent position on national camp and youth sports websites.

What about ongoing support? We will provide ongoing support service to you via phone, email, webinar and on-site visits to your territory. We regularly update our operations manuals with new procedures and other information designed to improve operations for all franchisees. We are also available to conduct ongoing training programs.

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Skyhawks Sports Camps franchise opportunity!

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