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Start Up Cash Required: $ 0
Total Investment: $7,990
SBA Approved: Yes

Change direction with U-Turn!

Ask about our free training which includes hotel accommodations and air fare to our company headquarters in Idaho Falls, ID, where you will be given in-depth coaching and instruction on how to start your vending business.

The U-Turn is the finest bulk candy machine on the market. The name describes the machine perfectly. However, it could also be named "The Money Machine".

U-Turn has been providing quality vending machine products for over 20 years. We are dedicated to helping the independent vending machine owner operator gain huge success in this billion dollar industry. U-Turn vending business opportunities exist almost anywhere for entrepreneurs to earn excellent income. Our opportunity is backed up by the finest service, prompt delivery and assistance from our vending support team. We offer complete in-house training at our factory - ask how you can receive this free of charge!

With up to 600 inches of product display, several eye-catching colors, up to eight removable canisters, the finest coin mechanism in the industry and a five-year warranty, we have earned our nickname, "The Money Machine." Vending is an impulse stimulated business. The U-Turn triggers that impulse. It is guaranteed for two full years.

Facts about vending

Did you know that, every minute, $64,000 is spent in vending machines in the United States alone?

How does your present income compare with these*?

  • Average hourly income of an office worker - $9.77
  • Average hourly income of a factory worker - $10.75
  • Average hourly income of a salesperson - $13.07
  • Average hourly income of a plumber - $17.41
  • Average hourly income of a snack vender owner/operator - $70.58

*Compiled from the Department of Labor Statistics

Ask yourself, what other business offers the following with a national firm backing you every step of the way?

  • No selling experience needed
  • Not seasonal
  • No technical experience required
  • No fixed equipment
  • High income potential
  • No credit risks
  • Automatic repeat business
  • Comprehensive company support
  • Recession and inflation-proof

We're excited about our U-Turn products and the vending business. Get the facts now about vending machines and capitalize on a prosperous future with U-Turn!

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